Our Story

On December 28, 1979, Larry and his wife, Angie, vowed to a life- long marriage till death do you part.  Seven years into marriage, the flames of their storybook romance were nearly extinguished.  They went through a period of marital separation for almost 14 months.  Many of their struggles were the result of the rollercoaster ride of emotions the couple faced as a result of Larry’s role as a law enforcement specialist in the Air Force.  Angie and Larry’s powerful story is one of a rededication to their marriage vows and the empowering freedom they experienced with the act of forgiveness.

Larry and Angie have dedicated their lives to serving others.  Larry retired from the Air Force in 2004, after 20 years of honorable service to our country.  He has served as a police and fire chaplain for the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado since 2014.  Additionally, Larry served as a chaplain with the Rockwall, Texas Police Department.  He earned a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary.  Angie is a retired high school teacher of 30 years and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Colorado College.  Angie is employed at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Angie and Larry have two adult children and six precious grandchildren.

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