The Marriage L.I.F.E. Story

In 2014, Larry and his wife, Angie, conducted their first responder marriage retreat, for first responders, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Their unwavering passion to support first responders in the areas of marriage & family resulted in them founding Marriage L.I.F.E.  Marriage L.I.F.E. serves first responder marriages through teaching, coaching, counseling, and providing relevant resources for couples to experience healthy & vibrant marriages.

The Marriage L.I.F.E. Model

Marriage L.I.F.E (Love, Intimacy, Friendship, & Engage) is a model that was created through extensive research on marriage, teaching marriage principles to couples, pastoral counseling, and the lessons learned through their four decades of marriage.   Various sessions include videos, music, discussion, and practical tools for marriage. The sessions are fun, interactive, and inspirational.  The events include several marriage assessments and case studies.  The curriculum is designed to Breathe New Life into marriages by teaching couples how to achieve an emotionally healthy marriage that doesn’t just survive, but THRIVES!

What makes Marriage L.I.F.E. unique?

Emotional health is one the greatest issues facing first responders.  The stress and trauma associated with the role of law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel, places a heavy burden on marriages.  The divorce rates for these public servants is staggering.  The national divorce rate for law enforcement is 80%, and 86% for firefighters.

Our Marriage L.I.F.E. events are UNIQUE.  They are designed to mitigate the struggles and challenges first responders encounter on a daily basis.  Due to my observations, as the son of a cop, my role as a law enforcement specialist, in the United States Air Force, and lessons learned as a police and fire chaplain, both my wife, Angie, and I are well equipped to serve & protect first responder marriages.

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